25 Things They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy


For those of you who don’t know already, I’m expecting my second child. This being my second pregnancy, and a very different pregnancy I might add, I thought a funny, but informative post about the things you aren’t told about pregnancy was appropriate given my situation. Maybe all of these things will happen to you, maybe none of them will, but no one warned me about most of these things. No one wants to talk about the uncomfortable, disgusting and funny things that can happen during pregnancy. Hopefully you laugh, relate or learn something from this post…..if you aren’t interested in any of this, well then don’t read it 😉


25 Things They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy

  1. Every pregnancy is different – My first pregnancy was a breeze, no nausea, no major issues, no worries…..this time around, much different!
  2. Morning Sickness is not only in the morning…..it can last ALL day or hit ANYTIME of the day! It can be triggered by anything!
  3. Your boobs swell up like water balloons and are sore and achy! If you ever considered a boob job, you will have a good idea of what one will look like on you while you are pregnant! They may also leak…boy was I surprised when my Pam Anderson’s sprug a leak during my first pregnancy! I started wearing nursing pads everyday just to be safe and it happened many more times before I delivered.
  4. You may have cramping & bleeding, this is said to be normal, however never hesitate to call your doctor with concerns.
  5. You will get constipated.
  6. You will pee ALOT!
  7. You will be thirsty…..and hungry…..listen to your body and give it what it wants.
  8. You will be moody, hormones are raging and your husband better watch out!
  9. You will be emotional….screaming and crying like a raging psycho one minute and begging to be held and told you are pretty the next minute.
  10. You will get cravings – I almost took a man out in Shop N Save for the last maple doughnut during my first pregnancy. Right now I’m craving a certain Philly Cheesesteak sandwich….who wants to get me one before I get moody??
  11. Your sex drive diminishes while you are early pregnant and still feeling sort of sexy and returns when you feel like a beached whale.
  12. Your back will ache, your hips will ache, your whole body may ache.
  13. You will be gassy, if you’ve never passed gas in front of someone before, it’s likely to happen while you are pregnant.
  14. You will get heartburn, not just a little either, it’s more like fire breathing dragon heartburn.
  15. You are tired. Even after a good nights sleep, that little peanut will zap all of your energy.
  16. You will have weird, vivid dreams. Fifty Shades Of Grey may come to life…in your dreams!
  17. You will probably pee when you laugh, sneeze or cough – especially if this is your second pregnancy.
  18. You may get hairy…..or you may loose hair or your hair may stop growing.
  19. You will get sharp, shooting pains in your vagina.
  20. You will gain weight.
  21. You will probably get stretch marks.
  22. Your skin may change color in certain area’s and you may develop a pregnancy line down the middle of your belly.
  23. People will want to touch your belly….strangers included. It’s totally ok to tell people it’s not ok to touch you.
  24. Your brain turns to mush and your memory is gone.
  25. You get hot and sweaty and you will most likey swell and when you couldn’t feel even more disgusting, you will drop some of that ice cream cone you’re devouring on your eight month pregnant belly and it will either make you mad or sad or both and God help any poor soul who is near you!

Then after all this you give birth to your precious angel and you forget about these things until you’re pregnant again and all of it comes flooding back to you. So who can relate? What weird or funny things happened to you? Do share, us mom’s can always use a good (relatable) laugh! 🙂

Oh and you start showing much sooner with your second pregnancy….here I am at 8 weeks. I was this size at 15 weeks with my first….


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