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Slow Cooker Mississippi Roast


I can’t take any credit for this recipe. I found it on Pinterest last year and have been making it ever since. I’ve shared it with many people over the past year and I finally snapped a picture of it in my slow cooker today so I can share it here. It’s the most flavorful roast I’ve ever made & it’s SO EASY! Here’s how you make it…..

What you need;
Beef roast – I use a 2-3lb roast and I prefer a chuck roast but rump roast was on sale this week so that is what’s pictured.
1 packet ranch dressing mix
1 packet au jus mix
1 stick of butter
4-8 whole pepperoncini peppers

How to make;
Place roast in the slow cooker (optional season with salt and pepper). Sprinkle ranch and au jus packet over roast. Place a stick of butter on top & however many peppers you desire around the butter. DO NOT ADD ANY LIQUID. Cook on low 6-8 hours depending on the size of your roast.

I add a bag of baby carrots to cook with my roast. The sauce that is created makes the carrots so flavorful. You could add potatoes too or just cook the roast alone. Thicken the sauce to make a gravy or leave it like an au jus to drizzle over everything. Enjoy!



Slow Cooker Shredded Beef Sandwiches


Here’s a quick, easy & delicious sandwich recipe that can be served a variety of ways. My favorite way to serve this sandwich is a drip beef sandwich……toasted bun, lots of sliced peppers, melted cheese & a big side of au jus for dunking.

What you need;


2 pound chuck roast
1 can beef broth
1 pkt Italian dressing mix
1 pkt onion soup mix
1 jar peperoncini peppers
Sandwich rolls
Sliced cheese

How to make;


Put roast in the slow cooker and pour in the can of beef broth, next sprinkle the dressing and onion soup mix over the roast. Pour the jar of peppers over the roast, including the juice. Cook on low for 8 hours. After 8 hours remove the roast, pull off any fat & shred the meat. It will fall apart. Strain the juice from the slow cooker over a bowl. Skim the fat from the juice and keep warm. Slice the peppers if desired and add to the shredded meat. Fill toasted sandwich rolls with the shredded meat, top with your favorite cheese and broil for about 1 minute until the cheese is melted. Serve with the warm au jus for dunking. Enjoy!