These Hands


I’m having a very emotional mommy day today, my daughter is 9 months old today, my son starts pre-school later this month and our dog, who was my first baby turned 8 on Monday. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and reminiscing these last few days and I came across two pictures of my children when they were new babies that brought me so much joy and made me think about how meaningful these pictures really are. It’s the little things in life that mean so much. Seeing my tiny children in my hands inspired this post and I hope all of my parent friends can relate. These hands, these hands that are typing this blog post, these hands that work harder than any other part of my body, these hands that I take for granted every day are actually one of my most valuable tools. My hands are small with long skinny fingers that end in usually un-manicured nails. I don’t spend money on expensive soaps and moisturizers anymore so they are usually dry. My hands are strong, they have endured many things, but to my children they are gentle, a comfort, a soft place to land. I’ll never be a hand model, but these hands are mine and I love them for all that they can do!

These hands…….



These hands of mine could tell many stories, some that I wouldn’t want to be told and other’s that I would share with the world. These hands have held the most precious gifts that God has ever given me. These hands have comforted, scolded, consoled, embraced and guided. These hands have changed many dirty diapers, fed two adorable mouths and held the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen. These hands have been reached for and pushed away. These hands have been tired, wrinkly, dry, cracked, and sore. These hands aren’t always manicured. These hands have endured some of the grossest but also most wonderful things. These hands have been held, slapped, hurt, massaged, burned, blistered, bruised and kissed. These hands hold the hands of the man who has given me everything I’ve hoped for in life….a wonderful marriage, 2 beautiful children and a blessed family. These hands have wiped my own tears but also the tears of my children, family and friends. These hands have failed me and brought me to my greatest achievements. These hands were the first part of me to touch my newborn children, to feel their skin, their tiny fingers and toes. These hands hold my children everyday and give them comfort. These hands play with my children and teach them right from wrong. These hands are what my children reach for in times of need and in times of joy. These hands turn the pages in the storybooks I read to them and they turn the pages on the chapters of my life. These hands, that I have so often taken for granted are one of my most valuable and important tools. These hands will always be open to my children, for hugs, for holding, for comfort. To wipe tears and to teach them right from wrong. To help, to care and to guide. These hands, though they may not always look the same, will be gentle in times of fear and firm when the need is there. These hands are under appreciated and over worked, but every day they are there to hold a child in need, to feed a hungry mouth, to read a favorite book, to change a dirty diaper, to bathe a beautiful boy and girl, to teach, to guide, to work, and to pray, thanking God for my many blessings.

Last night as I put my son to bed, I told him that he was my favorite boy and as I tucked him in, he grabbed my hands and said “mom, you’re my favorite girl”. That right there is a story I will share with the world! The sweet innocence of a three year old, and the permanent stamp his words put on my heart are yet another reminder of what matters in life!

When you’re feeling down or feeling like you’ve failed as a parent, look down at your hands and remind yourself how important you are to those around you, especially your children.

God has given you a gift, use it to your best ability.

About simple2something

I decided to start a blog because I am a natural “sharer”. I love to share ideas, recipes, thoughts and opinions with everyone I know. I am a working mother with two busy toddlers. I enjoy finding ways to save money and be thrifty. I’m a coupon clipper, sale shopper and DIY enthusiast. I love to cook, decorate, craft and try new things. I'm a Pinterest addict! I love to make homemade gifts and I make and sell Infinity Scarves in my Etsy Store. I recently started a new business, I partnered with two world renowned Doctor's to help people achieve the best skin of their life. I’m just a regular gal who enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, cooking, decorating, crafting, helping people and trying new things. I hope you enjoy my blog and maybe pick up a few tips or learn something new. You never know when “simple” can turn into “something”.

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  1. How absolutely beautiful!
    You know how much I love being with your babies. Today they got loads of kisses & love from their GaGa. They are napping like angels.


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