How To Save $$$ Shopping Online


I’m an avid online shopper. Mainly because I don’t have the time to spend hours shopping in malls or stores, but also because I prefer to shop from the comfort of my home. Over the years, I have found many ways to shop online and save money. There are so many websites out there that offer coupon codes, deals and even pay you to shop online! I’ve composed a list of my favorite tips to save $$$ shopping online.


1. If you’re not a member of Ebates, then go sign up now! This is a website that pays you to shop online. You go to their website first when you’re ready to shop and you find the store there, you click the store and it takes you to the stores website. By doing this, you’re creating a tracking ticket and after your purchase, Ebates will pay you a % of cash back for that purchase. Read more about it and sign up at Let them know that sent you! You can also find coupon codes and exclusive deals here too! Download their app and never miss a purchase!
2. Sign up to receive coupons and special offers from your favorite stores. These deals will be emailed directly to you. For stores that have weekly ads, sign up to receive those via email, those prices are good online too! Sign up for any free preferred customer promotions and if there’s a “contact us” option, send an email asking for a coupon. It doesn’t hurt to ask and more times than not, you will get a good response!
3. Check out for coupon codes for hundreds of stores. You can also go to and type in “current Kohls coupons” or whatever store you’re looking for to see what deals are available.
4. Never pay for shipping! Many stores offer free shipping on occasion and if you’re a preferred member or email subscriber then you may get free shipping codes or offers. You can also Google “free shipping code for Kohls” or whatever store you need and find codes that way. If you can’t find a code, then most stores offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount. I am not ashamed to say that I have bought something that I did not intend to keep just to get free shipping. I would rather buy an item and return it the next time I’m at that store and not pay $12 for shipping than pay $12 for shipping, but that’s just me. Shipping is a cost I can not stand to pay.
5. Subscribe & Save – I think Amazon started this new trend and other stores are catching on. When you subscribe to buying a certain item every so often, you’re offered a discounted price and often free shipping too.
6. Check the clearance section! Stores online have clearance too, and some items they don’t even have in store. I always check clearance first, I find awesome clothing deals for myself and my kids when they are going out of season. Buy for spring/summer in September/October when those items are marked down and buy for fall/winter in March/April when those items are marked down.
7. Compare prices – Many stores offer price matching or lowest price guarantee, yes even online. Read the stores terms and agreements and compare prices!
8. If you’re a Target shopper then you MUST get the RED debit or credit card. You get 5% off your purchases online (and in store) and free shipping on every order!
9. If you’re a Kohls shopper then you should sign up for their credit card. Credit card holders are the only ones eligible for 30% off coupons! Credit cards aren’t always the best thing, but if you pay it off after each purchase, the savings are so worth it!
10. Lastly, make a list. Yes, just like if you were grocery shopping or shopping IN the store, make a list of what you’re shopping for. It’s so easy to get sidetracked shopping online. Items are recommended for you, you start clicking away and before you know in you’re looking at diamonds! I make a list before I go online and once every item on my list is marked off, I check out and log out.

I would love to hear how you save money shopping! I love to see how much I have saved at check out! I saved over $500 on my last order from Kohls! I think of saving money as a challenge and I don’t stop looking for coupons or deals until that challenge is accomplished!

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