The Importance of Vitamin D


As you all know, I recently partnered with the same Doctors who created Proactiv. They are now doing for aging what they did for acne. In my Rodan + Fields business kit, I received a Vitamin D supplement and it peaked my interest. I thought to myself, why did they include a Vitamin D supplement? I had heard that Vitamin D is good for your hair, skin and nails, but I had never researched it or thought much more about it until I saw it in my new consultant kit. Curious and wanting to educate myself, so I can educate my clients, I have been researching the facts about Vitamin D. I’ve gathered my findings and I will share them with you. Now I’m no Doctor, so consult your Doc for more information, or “Google” Vitamin D for yourself and do your own research.


Vitamin D, commonly known as the “sunshine pill” is a key ingredient for beautiful skin. Skin, like all organs need essential vitamins to function properly. Vitamin D is one of them. Having sufficient Vitamin D in the skin minimizes acne, boosts elasticity, stimulates collagen production, enhances radiance, and can lessen the apperance of lines and dark spots. Ahhh ha! That’s why the Dermatologists at Rodan + Fields included Vitamin D in my business kit. It’s great for the skin! Here’s what the Doctor’s have to say “Limiting sun exposure and wearing sun screen is key to maintaining healthy, radiant and youthful looking skin. However, Vitamin D which is essential for bone health and overall wellness is created when the body absorbs the sun’s UV rays. Oral supplementation of Vitamin D3, the most absorbable form, helps to maintain health and wellness without the harmful effects of the sun. Vitamin D3 is an essential supplement to any Rodan + Fields Multi-Med Regimen.” Combine Vitamin D3 with Rodan + Fields products for healthy, radiant, more youthful looking skin!


Approximately two-thirds of the US population is deficient in Vitamin D. Have you been experiencing hair loss? That’s a sign of deficiency. Are your nails brittle? That’s another sign of deficiency. Vitamin D is great for your skin, but also for strong, healthy hair and nails too.

Vitamin D is very important for immune protection. It enables the body to produce antimicrobial peptides which are indispensable in fighting off a wide range of infection and viruses. Most people become Vitamin D deficient in the winter months due to less sun exposure. Winter viruses attack a Vitamin D deficient body. These viruses reign during winter months because they breed on weak immune systems and deficient bodies. You hear about less sickness is the summer months because less people are Vitamin D deficient due to more sun exposure. Give your immune system a shield by adding a Vitamin D supplement to your daily regimen. Rodan + Fields offers a once weekly supplement which is perfect for this busy mom who often forgets to take her vitamins.

Vitamin D is also very important for bone health. If you are lactose intolerant or you just don’t like milk like me, getting that essential Vitamin D from other foods usually isn’t enough. You need to supplement to make sure you are getting enough IU per day. I currently take 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3 per week in addition to my muli-vitamin which contains 1,000 IU of Vitamin D per day. That’s a total of 17,000 IU per week or approx. 2,500 IU per day. I did a search on Google to find what dose is right for me.

Vitamin D can also aid in fighting depression. Some types of depression have been linked to a Vitamin D deficiency, particularly Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I could go on and on, but I urge you to look up Vitamin D for yourself and see how it can benefit YOU! If you’re interested in the once weekly Vitamin D3 supplement that Rodan + Fields offers, you can read more about it here

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