I have been an advocate for the lower carb lifestyle for awhile now. It wasn’t until my post pregnancy weight battle that I decided to make it a permanent fixture in my life. I decided it was time for a change, everything I was doing wasn’t working and I was tired, worn down and un-motivated. Just days after starting my low carb lifestyle change, I noticed that I had more energy, I started seeing results and I felt so much better. I do allow myself to cheat, as you can tell not all of my recipes are low carb, but I stick to an “all things in moderation” rule and I don’t seem to enjoy sweets and other carb loaded foods as much as I used to. I don’t have much time to exercise with two young children at home, but I do have a 20 minute circuit training exercise that I can do almost anywhere. You can find that exercise routine here https://simple2something.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/20-minute-workout-you-can-do-anywhere/. I’ve shared many of my favorite low carb recipes already, but there are more to come! Share yours with me too, I love to try new recipes!

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  1. You’ve been doing such a great job in what all women seen to find difficult, that is lose weight smartly.
    I can see it every week. Keep up the good work. Aunt Liz


  2. Thanks for sharing your journey. I go to a medically supervised clinic …high bp..they too are low carb. Max pd 20 grams net . Do it is quite strict. Have lost Almost ,30lbs since March . Slow loss but I’m still going. The org has a face book support which is great. I am exploring other options as I live for variety. Thanks


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