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Laundry Room Makeover For Under $50


Easy DIY Burp Cloths


I really enjoy making gifts for people, it’s meaningful and I enjoy making things. Many of my friends are having babies over the next few months and I decided to teach myself  how to make burp cloths. The ones you buy at the store are tiny, thin and in my opinion worthless, not to mention they can be expensive! When I had my son, I was given many cloth diaper burp cloths that people had made and I ended up buying a whole package of cloth diapers to use as extra burp cloths. They are large, wide and super absorbent. This is a practical item that everyone uses and I must admit, they were pretty easy to make. Here’s how……

First, buy a pack of cloth diapers. There are many varieties, I bought these because they were on sale. Next buy fabric, the amount you need depends on how many you are making and how wide the middle of your cloth diaper is.

2013-05-20 11.57.19

Next, measure the middle of your cloth diaper and cut your fabric about an inch wider than the middle of the diaper. You need to be able to fold the sides over for a clean edge. Fold the extra fabric over on each side and iron it flat. As you can see it’s not perfect, but sides will be flat.

2013-05-20 11.58.05

After you have ironed down the sides, turn it over and pin it to the middle of the diaper, lining up the edges the best you can. My fabric was exactly the length of my diaper so I didn’t have to fold the top or bottom edge, but if your fabric is longer, you may need to fold the top and bottom edge as well.

2013-05-20 11.56.46

Now you are ready to sew, it took me a few tries on adjusting the tension and I used a straight stitch. Try to sew in a straight line.

2013-05-20 11.56.19

I ended up removing the pins because they were in my way, however the fabric does tend to move if it’s not pinned down so that should be your preference. Once you get to a corner, turn the fabric with the needle down and continue sewing so you get one continuous stitch.

2013-05-20 11.53.16

Once you are done, iron the whole burp cloth so it will fold neatly. I also made one with a piece of ribbon along the bottom. Exact same concept. Cut the ribbon to the length of the cloth diaper with a little over on each edge so you can fold the ends down and iron flat. Pin into place and sew all the way around in one continuous sitch with the needle down when turning the fabric.

2013-05-20 11.55.03

Here they are all done. Super cute, huh? These three took me less than an hour to make, next time it will go even faster now that I know what I’m doing. Look for cloth diapers on sale and stock up to make cute and practical gifts for those mom’s to be! Oh and if you are a mom to be, guess you know what you will be getting from me 🙂

2013-05-20 11.54.25

Infinity Scarf – DIY


I can’t resist a sale, especially something on clearance so my craft cabinet is full of fabric that I got for next to nothing. Some are odd shapes and sizes, but I just can’t resist buying them. Finding something to do with them can be a challenge. I can barely close the drawer that holds all of my fabric so I decided to start using it. What better time than now, right? I found this piece of houndstooth fabric that was 10″ wide x 52″ long, perfect for making a scarf! I still consider myself a “beginner” in the sewing department, my specialty is pillows and aprons, but I bought myself a new, fancier sewing machine and I want to put it to use trying new things and crossing my fingers that they turn out. This project took me less than 15 minutes to make and while it’s not perfect, for my first infinity scarf, I’m happy with the results! If I can make this, then so can you!

First you want to measure your fabric, I used a cotton fabric, I suggest something that will stretch or you can manipulate easily. You want to be able to wrap it around your neck, you don’t want it stiff. I had a piece that was 10″x52″ but I’d prefer my next scarf to be a little longer and thicker so I suggest these measurements 12″x60″ but you could make it as long or as thick as you’d like. Once you’ve measured and cut your fabric, fold it in half with the patterned sides facing each other, and pin along the edge that you will sew.


After you’ve pinned all the way down it’s time to start sewing. I used a zig-zag stitch so it would be stronger than just a straight stitch. You’ll be pulling on this and you don’t want it unraveling.


Sew all the way down the long edge of the scarf and stop, next you need to pull half of the scarf through the tube you’ve created so you can sew the short end. The outside you want to be the back of the fabric, the inside pulled through the tube to show the patterned side of the fabric. In the picture you can see a little bit of the inside fabric peeking through. Line up the seam and the edges and sew about 3/4 of the way across sewing over the seam from the long edge and leaving an opening at the other end to pull the fabric through.

20130124_170144 20130124_170305

This is the part that took me the longest, pulling the fabric through the opening you left. Once you have all the fabric pattern side out, it’s time to hand stitch the opening. Don’t forget to knot the end of your thread! I don’t know the technical terms for stitching, but my sister taught me a way to hand stitch where the seams don’t show. Maybe I’ll have her do a tutorial on that since she’d be much better at explaining it than me, but for now, do your best at stitching it as neatly as you can.


Once the hole is closed, iron out any wrinkles if necessary and it’s ready to wear. Wear it long, or my favorite way is to double it.