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These Hands


I’m having a very emotional mommy day today, my daughter is 9 months old today, my son starts pre-school later this month and our dog, who was my first baby turned 8 on Monday. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and reminiscing these last few days and I came across two pictures of my children when they were new babies that brought me so much joy and made me think about how meaningful these pictures really are. It’s the little things in life that mean so much. Seeing my tiny children in my hands inspired this post and I hope all of my parent friends can relate. These hands, these hands that are typing this blog post, these hands that work harder than any other part of my body, these hands that I take for granted every day are actually one of my most valuable tools. My hands are small with long skinny fingers that end in usually un-manicured nails. I don’t spend money on expensive soaps and moisturizers anymore so they are usually dry. My hands are strong, they have endured many things, but to my children they are gentle, a comfort, a soft place to land. I’ll never be a hand model, but these hands are mine and I love them for all that they can do!

These hands…….



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