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Vintage Modern Sports Bedroom


If you follow my blog then you know that I like to decorate and make crafts all while trying to save money. I’m pregnant with my second child and I have two children’s bedrooms to decorate. My son’s nursery was a woodland theme with pastel colors, white furniture and whimsical birds. It was adorable, but a very baby theme. With baby #2 on the way, we decided to move our son into the larger bedroom and keep the smaller bedroom a nursery. Immediately I started to fret, two bedrooms to design & decorate by November and on a budget! I wanted a theme for my son that would grow with him. I asked him what he wanted and I knew it would be sports or animals and he choose sports. I wanted a sports theme that wasn’t too “kid” like, I don’t want to change his room again in a year when he outgrows the bright colors and whimsical looking sports balls. I decided on vintage modern because we were going to be bringing alot of modern items into the room from his nursery and I liked the look of the vintage sports things I was finding. Muted colors, realistic looking sports balls and it would definitely grow with him. He had fun shopping with me at Hobby Lobby and watching his dad & I build things and decorate pieces for his room. He’s so proud to show off his room to anyone who comes over and I’m proud to say that I decorated and furnished the bedroom for just under $150. Here’s how I did it…….

First, I used all the furniture from his nursery that I would not be using for our second child. I had bought a modern green rocker for his nursery and he loves to sit in it so I knew that piece would transfer along with his toy box and book shelf. My parents gave us the twin bed, I got the red bed side table on clearance from Hobby Lobby for $17 and I got the dresser on sale when the dorm room furniture came out at 50% off for $30.

Second, I looked around our house for pieces I could use in his room. His room was a spare bedroom before so I had some picture frames and shelves I could re-use. The pictures of vintage sports balls in the black frames are pictures I found online and printed. I framed them in frames I already had making that project, FREE!

Third, I used coupons, shopped sales and re-sale stores. I got his bedding which incorporates all the colors of his room from Kohls. It was on sale and I had a 30% off coupon making his bed set, skirt and a spare set of sheets just under $50. All of the decorations are either made by me, bought from Hobby Lobby or from a re-sale store. I bought pieces for his room at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off making each item from there no more than $5 each. I got a few odds and ends from re-sale stores and my sister made some pillows with fabric I bought on sale.

Fourth, I created a board on Pinterest for his bedroom which helped me gather ideas and then figure out how I could do them cheaper! My favorite two ideas were this custom canvas that I painted which was inspired by an expensive canvas that was way out of my budget. I was able to re-create a custom one for only $20 saving over $100 from the original!

I also had my husband build this vintage basketball hoop, Pinterest inspired, of course! We had the pallet boards already and a friend gave us the vintage rim. My hubby assembled the backboard and attached the hoop and voila….a FREE vintage basketball hoop that brings a lot of character to the room!

Another Pinterest find was putting a pool noodle under the fitted sheet to keep our boy from rolling out of his bed. That’s the lump you see under his blankets 🙂 It has worked really well and looks much better than those big toddler rails which aren’t cheap by the way!

The shelves above the chair and bookcase were shelves we already had and I decorated them with various items that are a combination of what we already had, Hobby Lobby bargains and thrift store finds. The window curtain came from the original nursery and it helps tie in the green from the rocking chair and bedding. I re-covered the lamp with very inexpensive navy blue fabric.
Hearing my son talk about his “big boy room” and tell me how “cool” it is brings me so much joy. I wanted him to be a big part of designing the room and he picked out alot of the decorations, fabric and has definetly put his “touch” on the room. I was lucky to get 10 minutes to get some pictures for this post, he loves playing in his room and didn’t like me cleaning up. I re-used as much as I could to create a Vintage Modern Sports room for my baby boy that will grow with him through the years.


With a little planning, inspiration and determination you can create anything you want and on a budget! Now onto my baby girl’s room next!