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Kids Valentine Idea – You’re My Main SQUEEZE


Last year I blogged about the Valentine snack I was sending to daycare with my son. It’s become one of my most popular blog posts and pins on Pinterest. Since this topic seems to be so popular, I decided to share the Valentine treat I’m sending with him this year. I got the idea from Pinterest and I used a pre-made label I found on another blog. I’ve got an infant and a toddler that keep me very busy, I need SIMPLE! I didn’t want to do candy, I’m sure the kids will get plenty of that and my son LOVES these Go Go Squeez applesauce pouches so I knew this was the right fit for his Valentine this year.

I bought the regular applesauce flavor of the Go Go Squeez pouches. These are great on the go, no spoon needed! Plus they are all natural….and I must say, they are very tasty! I found the big pack on sale at Target so my son has a few extra for himself. I printed the “valentine, you’re my main squeeze” label from here:
There’s a free pdf document you can print. EASY! Next, I took some colored construction paper I already had and cut circles with some fancy scissors. Make these circles bigger than the label circles so the label will sit in the middle. Adhere the cut out “main squeeze” label to the construction paper circle with a glue stick or tape. Punch a hole in the top and use some ribbon to tie it around the applesauce pouch. At the bottom of the label I wrote – FROM: CADE. That’s it! Easy peasy, cheap, healthy and cute!


Toddler Valentine Ideas


My son, Cade won’t be at daycare on Valentine’s Day so I sent his Valentine’s for his friends today. They are all toddler’s and don’t really get the idea of Valentine’s day so I wanted to include a treat with the Valentine. Guess where the idea came from…….yep, you guessed it, Pinterest! The whole thing cost me $4.00 for 7 Valentine’s (with 2 packs of goldfish left over) and I must say they ended up pretty cute.

I bought the sweet variety of goldfish crackers, it is Valentine’s day after all. 9 come in a pack for around $4 at your grocery store (look for them on sale or find a coupon). I made the Valentine’s on the computer with the business card template and then cut them out and taped them to pack of goldfish. Cheap, easy, cute and the kids will love getting a snack! Follow me on Pinterest to see where I get some of my inspiration for my ideas. https://pinterest.com/kelseydavies/

My other favorites were a small plastic shovel placed in a clear treat bag, then fill the bottom of the bag with some type of treat and tie the top with a tag that says “I Dig You”. Another fish idea is Swedish Fish in a clear treat bag tied up to make it look like fish you bring home from the pet store with a tag that says “Out of all the fish in the sea, I’m glad we’re in the same school”. Instead of a treat, a cute toy option is a Hot Wheels car with a Valentine that says “I wheelie like you”. Lastly, a 2 pack of Starburst taped to a Valentine that says “You’re a star”. I’d love to see the Valentine’s you or your children have created, share them with me here!