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20 Minute Workout You Can Do ANYWHERE!


Yes, it’s true, you can do this workout ANYWHERE….well anywhere you feel comfortable doing it.  All you need is an open area where you can crank out some moves. No exercise equipment needed. My husband told me this is called “circuit training”, I call it “all I have time for” or my “mom workout”. I know I can always find 20 minutes in my day to do these moves, and I always feel much better after I do. Customize this to what area’s you want to target. I want to target my thighs, butt and abs and I came up with this combo by researching different exercises online. I’m not posting any pictures, just the names of the moves. If you don’t know what they are, I suggest looking them up online. Want more upper body moves then incorporate those in…..shorten the workout on days you are pressed for time and extend it on days where you have more time, add it to your cardio workout. Make it work for YOU! I’ve lost over an inch in each thigh and 4 inches in my waist that I can attribute to these exercises and my low carb lifestyle.

Here’s my routine;

I do the full set of exercises in the same order 3 times and it takes approx 20 minutes. Turn on some music, something up-beat. Do some stretches to loosen up and hit the floor!

  • 25 jumping jacks (get that heart pumping)
  • 15 push ups (this engages your abs and helps tone your arms, chest and back)
  • Pointed Toe Lifts – 20 per leg (Butt, inner & outer thighs)
  • Combined roll up & leg drop – 10 (lie on your back with arms above your head flat against the ground, legs straight against the ground, roll up with your arms pointed straight and lift your legs with toes pointed simultaneously. Meet your hands to your legs and roll back down flat, repeat 9 more times – targets lower abs)
  • I don’t have a name for this move so I’m giving you a link….I do all phases listed, 20 per leg. http://www.t-tapp.com/articles/legs/index.html
  • 10 lunges OR 10 squats (these are killer for your butt and thighs, I go back and forth – lunges one day and squats the next)

Repeat all moves 2 more times.

After you finish, stretch it out again and I always finish with a “Hip Flexor” stretch that aligns your spine and will help eliminate that lower belly “pooch”.